Lovoo the leading dating app in Germany: Test and Review

Lovoo is similar to Tinder, but works differently in detail. Although you can also rate people here according to the “hot or not” principle and mutual interest results in a match, but this is not absolutely necessary to write someone. If you like another user, you can also simply send him a message directly. Lovoo also calls this first message “icebreaker“. Of these, however, only a limited number are available to you per day. For example, if you use Lovoo without a premium subscription (formerly Lovoo VIP), you can only sign up for one person without a match per day. But more on that later.

In addition to rating other user profiles based on the “hot or not” principle, Lovoo offers you further options for finding potential flirting partners – namely the “Radar”. Share your location with the app, see other Lovoo users nearby, and browse through their profiles. In the test, however, the use of the radar caused us discomfort. Because unlike Tinder the distance is not in kilometers, but accurate to a few hundred meters.

The radar is only available in the app, on the website you will find under “Discover”, however, only a modified radar version. You can search for Lovoo profiles in a specific area here. Apart from distance, sex and age Lovoo offers no further search filters – about size, interests or hair color. Anyone who has an exact picture of his dream man or his dream woman is therefore in better hands with Finya. Overall Lovoo likes the test but with a tidy design and easy operation.

The live radar function: Useful or not?

Another way to connect with other users is the live feature. This is also available only in the app and offers you the opportunity to start a stream from your living room or to dial into the video stream of other users. Similar to Twitch, you can then chat with the streamer or send him gifts. However, this feature is chargeable. Whether the streams are really suitable for dating, is questionable. In the test, it seemed more like the streamer interested in virtually sharing their lives with as many users as possible and not to get to know other users. The names of some streams seemed questionable, such as “xxrussainbeautyxx”.

If you really want to find a partner via Lovoo, you have to grab your bag quickly, just like with Parship. For many actions, Lovoo requires a certain number of credits. As a free member, just like in a turn-based strategy game, you have only a small number of them available daily. When it is exhausted, you can no longer write contacts, forgive any more likes or view your profile visitors. After all: If you are already in contact with a person, you can continue to do so without credits.

You receive new credits through different ways. So Lovoo rewards you with a daily login with five credits, you get more credits if you invite your friends to Lovoo. You can also earn credits when trying apps from partners. This principle is reminiscent of reward apps like Goldesel or Cash for Apps. When trying out the offers caution is advised, often lurk here also dubious providers who lure you in an Abofalle. Lovoo also warns against this in his help section and, in case of emergency, offers to contact the customer service of the dating app.