How companies can benefit from crowdsourcing


So what is crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of a task to the entire free software community.
Jeff Howe has defined crowdsourcing as a “new reservoir of cheap labor: everyday people who use their spare bikes to create content, solve problems, and even do business R & D. ‘business”. In truth, crowdsourcing is a tailored design approach for the 21st century. He combines several sources of talent to create something epic. It’s intrapreneurship in its best light. It is revolution revolution, and companies adopt it systematically.

Take a look at some of the biggest names in their industries who are interested in crowdsourcing. From Lego to, DeWalt, DHL, and even Manchester City FC, some major players are using this concept of gathering outside and unprofessional talent to maximize their business initiatives.

Crowdsourcing can be used to discover new ideas to improve your services, make your operations more fluid and improve your marketing efforts. Do you want to take advantage of the revolutionary benefits of crowdsourcing? Let’s hear what the experts say.

The innovation of crowdsourcing

So what is crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of a task to the entire free software community. This brand of innovation relies heavily on the following concept: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Crowdsourcing can be managed on a large scale or on a small scale. Ford, General Electric and Colgate are some of the big companies that are asking the general public for ideas. In this way, big brands turn regular consumers into brand advocates by involving them in the ideation process.

Smaller companies can also benefit from this concept. Connecting employees, departments or individuals can simply transform the way everyone approaches a problem by adding new information that employees did not know before. Introducing new perspectives to a problem can generate radical innovations.

The importance of internal disturbance

While business disruption has been feared, modern businesses understand that some internal disruptions can do a lot of good – it’s part of the world’s biggest digital transformation trend and can be great. for companies.
By moving things internally, we are creating new ways of looking at old problems, opening the door to radical innovations that are revolutionizing the industry or archaic business models that no longer work. This type of disruptive innovation encourages creative thinking that leads to real, positive and productive change.

Evaluate your company’s potential for disruptive innovation

Okay, so crowdsourcing seems great. But how do you do that? Better yet, how do you make it work? Here are the steps to follow in order to use crowdsourcing to create, define or make profitable on new branches of activity.

Configure the infrastructure

The first step in crowdsourcing for your industry is the correct implementation of the system. Incredibly, if you create the infrastructure, fans, employees, and consumers will collaborate – think of this as “if you build it, they will come.” It means choosing a clear methodology and structure that aligns with your specific corporate culture and processes. By allowing you to create easy, complete and fast feedback cycles, analysis and data collection.

Choosing the right technology

The right technology will bring out all the elements of the above system. Features to look for include sharing, easy implementation of new concepts and business practices within your organization, data collection, and comprehensive reporting tools – as the old says, “you can not handle anything only if you do not evaluate it.

Encourage your audience

If there is one thing that involves people, it’s probably the free benefits. If there is a second thing, it is certainly a praise. Reward vs. Recognition – Whatever your audience’s job, it’s important to use it. Hold a contest or hackathon in your office or social media to get people involved.

Evaluate the data

Any participation in your system is usually good, but you should be able to use the generated information. The leading innovation software will help you design and launch crowdsourcing opportunities, and then extract information from these hackathons, “jams of ideas” and other innovations.


Be sure to follow and respond to your audience. Nobody likes a one-way conversation.
Rake wide
While you want to attract the opinions of many people, including the general public, do not forget the huge amount of untapped knowledge and talents you have under your nose. Include stakeholders, managers and even junior employees who should be involved in these discussions. You will be amazed at what may come out of these conversations.