Best IPTV provider for Local TV channels


Sapphire Secure IPTV or television over internet protocol is the broadcasting of television content over IP networks (internet protocol, in other words: the web). In a nutshell, television is broadcast using the internet. Instead of transmitting content in the traditional way that sends signals, by light pulses via a cable (FiberOP), radio frequencies with coaxial cables or radio waves with a satellite, IPTV sends what you want to view via your internet connection. Now for most TV shows + internet = broadcast, but it’s not the same as IPTV.

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How companies can benefit from crowdsourcing


So what is crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is the outsourcing of a task to the entire free software community.
Jeff Howe has defined crowdsourcing as a “new reservoir of cheap labor: everyday people who use their spare bikes to create content, solve problems, and even do business R & D. ‘business”. In truth, crowdsourcing is a tailored design approach for the 21st century. He combines several sources of talent to create something epic. It’s intrapreneurship in its best light. It is revolution revolution, and companies adopt it systematically. Continue reading

5 tips to follow if your personal data has been compromised

How to Deal With a Data Breach of Your Personal Info

Consumers are wondering what to do in case of theft of personal information or alleged attack.

The government speaks of an “upsurge” in the number of attacks targeting “individuals but also businesses and administrations”. According to a recent study, 13.7 million French people were victims of a cyberattack in 2016. So if it happened that access to your bank account, to Facebook or to your courier is compromised, and that people ill-intentioned can access it, here are the good habits to adopt: Continue reading