Best IPTV provider for Local TV channels


Sapphire Secure IPTV or television over internet protocol is the broadcasting of television content over IP networks (internet protocol, in other words: the web). In a nutshell, television is broadcast using the internet. Instead of transmitting content in the traditional way that sends signals, by light pulses via a cable (FiberOP), radio frequencies with coaxial cables or radio waves with a satellite, IPTV sends what you want to view via your internet connection. Now for most TV shows + internet = broadcast, but it’s not the same as IPTV.

To access Sapphire Secure IPTV ( , you must always obtain an active subscription or service from an operator that provides it (Bell, Shaw, Eastlink). There are differences between having a wireless cable box (such as those used by Bell FiberOP) and IPTV. Yes, the wireless cable box only requires a wireless Internet connection, output to the TV, and power, and chances are you will have access to their IPTV app, but these are different things. The wireless cable box is still considered “traditional television”, but uses wireless signals, while IPTV is exclusively internet-based and broadcasts live (conventional) television digitally over the internet. Although the IPTV service is online via a browser or mobile application, here are some service providers and their applications that allow you to access their IPTV service on your computer, tablet or smartphone:

  • Bell – FibeTV
  • Eastlink – Eastlink Stream
  • Shaw – FreeRange TV

If you have services with certain television or satellite providers, you may be familiar with their IPTV services, which is very useful if you are not subscribed to VOD (Video on Demand), (or OTT for reference from one of the following links) on your traditional receiver. It’s not the same as Pay Per View pay-per-view services, which are sporting events, movies, or content that you access for a limited time. VOD is a service (mainly online, but some providers include this option in their receivers) that you can watch; movies and older episodes of your favorite TV show are free. Depending on the channel and subscription, they will only be available for a limited time. Some broadcasting companies do not have a video on demand service or their online content offerings are limited. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Crave are other examples of subscription video on demand services.

The biggest difference to note between video on demand (VOD), standard and IPTV services is that; IPTV is available in many areas, including LIVE IPTV where you can watch your program live as you would with a standard TV on a set date and time, or to update later, usually under the name of “Catch-up TV”. You might think it would be like having a DVR / PVR, but again, it’s different, the DVR / PVR requires you to configure a program so that the content is recorded at their broadcast times so you can watch it more late. While IPTV / VOD allows you to watch it later, no registration is required. Although your IPTV subscription may depend on your channel subscriptions, you may not have the programs you want to watch, including HBO, which creates more confusion around IPTV and VOD. To access the content of your IPTV service, you still need to have and pay for the broadcasting station (channel package), although some allow you to buy, subscribe and sometimes get a free trial independent of TV traditional by cable or satellite. TMN (The Movie Network) / HBO is a good example. TMN was renamed “Crave TV”, which is a VOD service before the name change. As of November 1, 2018, Crave TV users now had access to live programs, movies and television via the app with TMN / HBO.

Although Sapphire Secure IPTV services are still relatively new, there are still some restrictions on their services. One of the main concerns is the amount of bandwidth needed to use these services and what is available through the service provided by broadcasting companies. We hope this explanation further defines the service and highlights the differences between IPTV and VOD.

Where do we have a local provider for IPTV?

VIANET – Chapleau, Sudbury

VIANET – Chapleau, Sudbury
NeoTech – Where they service in Northern Ontario
Bell Satellite (FibeTV)
Bell FiberOP (FibeTV) – Where they service
Eastlink (EastLink Stream) – Where they service
Shaw (Free Range TV) – Available if you have either Shaw Satellite or Cable

If you know of other providers for IPTV, please, this information with us!

Sapphire Secure IPTV IPTV subscription on TV (Smart TV / Samsung / LG) I have just subscribed to a SMART TV subscription. What should I do next? In order to benefit from your subscription as soon as possible, we thank you for following the following instructions: Download the SMART IP TV application on your television, Note the Mac address entered on the home screen of your application, You send the Mac address using the form that will be sent to you by email.

How soon will I be able to benefit from my subscription?

Once these steps have been validated, You will receive your Bouquet within 24 to 48 hours

During this period of time, there is no need to contact us again, because your order is being dispatched.

What is the Sapphire Secure IPTV application?
It is an independent application that serves as receiver and reader for the stream of channels that we provide via our servers.

This application is chargeable. After downloading it is available for free for 7 days. If you do not pay 5.49 € before the end of the trial period, your channels will be deactivated.